Trails, routes and paths

The area of Zawoja is covered with a dense network of marked hiking trails. The most important tourist trails are listed below:

–         Red Trail (Main Beskid Trail): in this section it runs from Przełęcz Jałowiecka pass through Markowe Szczawiny, the highest peak of Babia Góra massif, also called “Diablak” (1,725 m above sea level), Sokolica (1,367 m above sea level) to Przełęcz Krowiarki (Lipnicka) pass,

–         Green Trail: from Jabłonka through Polana Stańcowa  to Babia Góra (1,725 m above sea level), and further on through Mędralowa (1,168 m above sea level) and Koszarawa Cicha to Hucisko,

–         Yellow Trail (called  the Students’ Path – in Polish: “Perć Akademików”): from Markowe Szczawiny to Babia Góra mountain (1,725 m above sea level),

–         Green Trail: from Zawoja Centrum through Spalenica (854 m above sea level), Złota Grapa (1,247 m above sea level), Przełęcz Kucałowa pass (1,170 m above sea level) to Sidzina,

–         Red Trail: from Zawoja Centrum through Zawoja Przysłop to PKP railway station in Sucha Beskidzka.


Papal Trail: from the village of Skawica Górna through Polica mountain (1,369 m above sea level) to Przełęcz Krowiarki (Lipnicka) pass (the trail was marked in 1999 to commemorate the last hiking trip of Cracow’s Cardinal Wojtyła, later Pope John Paul II, soon before his election to papacy)

Numerous interesting educational paths are marked in Babia Góra (Babiogórski) National Park (UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves).

A fragment of international Amber Bicycle Trail Budapest-Cracow runs from Przełęcz Krowiarki Pass through Zawoja Centrum to Zawoja Przysłop. Also the Main Carpathian Bicycle Trail passes through the area from Przełęcz Przysłop pass to Jałowiec mountain. Several local mountain bike trails are marked in the area. The Trans-Beskid Horse Trail and Horse-riding Trail of Podbabiogórze pass through Zawoja. Open-air museum and parish church in Zawoja belong to the Trail of Wooden Architecture of Lesser Poland.

In winter, special snow-walk hiking trails are prepared in the area of Hala Krupowa alp and Markowe Szczawiny, as well as three ski-touring trails are marked in the area of Babia Góra National Park.