Culture and folklore

First descriptions of ethnographic groups inhabiting the villages in the basin of the river Skawica near the massif of Babia Góra appeared in literature already in the mid-19th century. However, in early 20th century the traditional culture of Babia Góra Highlanders underwent strong civilization influences, which resulted, among others, in abandoning the genuine highlander’s outfit (earlier worn on a daily basis) by the local communities. The folklore outfit was reconstructed after several decades in 1960s and is nowadays worn mostly by the members of regional folk ensembles. The most important folk bands cultivating the heritage of Babia Góra Highlanders include: “Babiogórcy”, “Juzyna” and “Zbójnik”. Also the local farmer’s wives’ association “Zawojanki” promote the traditional heritage, folk outfit and regional cuisine, for instance during numerous festivals and open-air events organized in the area, like “ Babia Góra Autumn: Folk Festival” or “Commune Days of Zawoja”. Local center of culture also organizes annual events promoting the area, like “Babiogórskie Posiady: County Contest of Storytellers, Folk Singers and Instrumentalists”. An interesting ethnographic exhibition devoted to the cultural heritage of Babia Góra Highlanders is presented in the administrative center of Babia Góra National Park. Traditional brass bands function in Zawoja and Skawica.