The commune (nearly 5,600 inhabitants) consists of 5 villages: Marcówka, Śleszowice, Tarnawa Dolna, Tarnawa Górna and Zembrzyce. The latter is one of the oldest settlements in the valley of the river Skawa. Zembrzyce existed already in early 14th century (documented date of 1333). In the following years Śleszowice, and later Marcówka and Tarnawa, were founded. The villages often changed their owners in history. During the Second World War, part of today’s commune belonged to the General Government, the occupied area of Poland under the rule of Nazi Germany (Zembrzyce, Marcówka), whereas the other part was incorporated into the Third Reich (Śleszowice, Tarnawa Dolna and Tarnawa Górna).