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The Association of Municipalities BABIA HORA is an association of 10 municipalities and the town of Námestovo and is located in the northernmost part of Slovakia in the White Orava region. The area is characterized by attractive and still well preserved nature, culture and traditions with great potential for tourism development.

The Association consists of the following municipalities: Oravska Polhora, Sihelne, Rabča, Rabcice, Zubrohlava, Bobrov, Klin, Vavrečka, Oravska Jasenica, Oravské Vesele and town of Námestovo. Bobrov is the smallest municipality with 1600 inhabitants and the largest is Rabča with 4,577 inhabitants.

Basic area information:

– Total population: 32,535

– Area: 318.19 square kilometers

– Population density: 102 inhabitants/km2

The most important natural heritage of the region include two highest peaks of the Oravské Beskydy – Babia hora (1725 m) and Pilsko (1555 m), a water reservoir called the Orava dam with an area of ??35 km2. Peatlands to be found in the village of Klin are a precious rarity. The whole region is part of the the Horna Orava Protected Landscape Area.

Culture and traditions of the region are linked to Wallachian, respectively Goral culture. Municipalities of Oravska Polhora and Sihelne are renowed for their unique bagpipe traditions, but Rabcice and Rabča can boast their “heligonka” (a button accodion) players.

In the village of Bobrov there is the well-known Bobrovská Calvary, which is now a part of a tree alley leading from the parish church of St. James to the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary situated right on the hill above the village.

The town of Námestovo, with its nearly 8000 inhabitants, is the center of the region as well as a district city.

Within the area of the municipalities forming the Association of Municipalities BABIA HORA many cultural events take place throughout a year – the International festival of bagpipers culture Gajdovačka in Oravska Polhora, the Goral culture festival under the Babia hora and Pilsko in Sihelné, Rabčická heligonka in Rabčice, gospel music festival “Verim Pane” in Námestovo.

The region has great potential for the development of sporting activities throughout the year. There are several small ski resorts and several kilometers of cross-country skiing trails. The reservoir of Oravska Priehrada provides conditions for a whole range of sports activities. The region has a vast network of forest roads which can be used as bicycle paths.