Emergency and service telephones

Emergency and service telephones Powiatsuski 23 May 2022

Emergency number 112

Choose in emergency situations where the help of the Police, State Fire Service or State Medical Rescue is needed and when immediate action of these services is required.


Alarm112 mobile application

The Ministry of the Interior and Administration has launched the Alarm112 mobile application to send emergency reports to the Emergency Notification Center.

The Alarm112 mobile application enables the emergency notification to be sent to the Emergency Notification Center by people who cannot make a voice call, especially deaf and hearing impaired people, in a situation of a threat to life, health, property, environment, safety and public order. In Alarm112, it is possible, by selecting the appropriate pictograms, to define the type and place of the event and to indicate the service whose help is needed.




Services in the Sucha County


Zespół Opieki Zdrowotnej w Suchej Beskidzkiej
ul. Szpitalna 22
34-200 Sucha Beskidzka
8) 33 872 31 00

Komenda Powiatowa Państwowej Straży Pożarnej
ul. Makowska 26
34-200 Sucha Beskidzka
tel. +(48) 33 874 18 00

Komenda Powiatowa Policji
ul. Mickiewicza 42
34-200 Sucha Beskidzka
tel. (+48) 47 832 82 11

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