The Babia Góra Trail of Wooden Architecture (BGTWA)

The Babia Góra Trail of Wooden Architecture (BGTWA) Krzysztof Buczkowski 19 April 2022

Car excursion (bicycle)

The Trail of Wooden Architecture is undoubtedly one of the biggest tourist attractions in the southern Poland. Its route crosses four voivodeships, and you can visit the most valuable monuments of folk material culture. The Lesser Poland (Małopolska) Trail of Wooden Architecture includes 255 such sites, including charming wooden churches, old-Polish manor houses, wooden inns and villas, as well as open-air museums. It is noteworthy that 8 of these objects, 4 churches and 4 Orthodox churches, are registered on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The Babia Góra part of the Trail, presented in this guide, has the character of a loop and is based mainly on sites included in the Lesser Poland Trail of Wooden Architecture, situated in the Sucha County, with the exception of the Orava Ethnographic Park Museum in Zubrzyca Górna, which is located outside the county’s borders. The route can be travelled by car or bicycle, but in the second case you need to bear in mind that it will go all the way along public roads, including a section of national road 28 and two sections of voivodship roads, and you will have to cross the Krowiarki Pass (1012 m above sea level).

Along the trail you can experience the unusual and unique atmosphere of wooden architecture and take a close look at its natural beauty.

The above-mentioned objects are the designation of the individual 8 sections of the BGTWA route, which is about 111 km long in total. Due to the fact that the route is a loop, it is possible to follow it also in the opposite direction than the one described (bearing in mind the change of textual directional references), and each of the sections may be the first in the sequence. In the presented description, the loop starts in the main centre of the Podbabiogórze, which is Sucha Beskidzka. To drive the loop by car and to visit the objects on the trail, you need to plan an all-day trip. It will be rather difficult to cover it by bike in such a time.

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