Top 10 – The biggest attractions of the Sucha County –Podbabiogórze Krzysztof Buczkowski 22 February 2022

Top 10 – The biggest attractions of the Sucha County –Podbabiogórze

The biggest attractions of the Sucha County –Podbabiogórze

Podbabiogórze, located at the foot of the mountain called the Queen of Beskid Mountains, has many different attractions to offer to visitors, and the TOP 10 collected here are not necessarily the biggest ones for everyone. After all, this is a region known for its beautiful landscapes, interesting and valuable nature, where you can get to know interesting monuments, fascinating stories and unusual places, and the whole thing is enriched by a rich cultural heritage with its colourful folklore. Some of the non-TOP attractions are described here/ Worth seeing


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Babia Góra (Diablak) – the highest peak of the Western Beskids (1725 m amsl)

The biggest attraction of the Podbabiogórze, common for the Polish and Slovak part of this border region, is Babia Góra – the highest peak of the Western Beskid Mountains (1725 m above sea level). Its ridge runs along the state border and the European watershed (the drainage basin of the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea). Both on the Polish side (Babia Góra National Park) and on the Slovakian side ( Horná Orava Landscape Park) it is under natural protection.

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Castle in Sucha
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Castle and museum in Sucha Beskidzka
Zamek w Suchej

The Renaissance castle is called ‘Small Wawel’. Its oldest part comes from the second half of the 16th century. The Municipal Museum and the Higher School of Tourism and Ecology have their seat in the castle. There is also a hotel and a restaurant. Next to the castle there is a landscape park with an orangery and a ‘Gardener's House’ with an ethnographic exposition.

GPS: 49°44'47.4"N 19°36'05.2"E  49.746506, 19.601430

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Church in Lachowice
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Wooden church in Lachowice
Kościół w Lachowicach

The Church of St Apostles Peter and Paul, erected in the years 1789-1791, is one of the most valuable monuments of wooden sacral architecture in Lesser Poland. The object on the Trail of Wooden Architecture.

GPS: 49°42'50.0"N 19°28'26.8"E  49.713876, 19.474100

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Church in Łętownia
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Wooden church in Łętownia
Kościół w Łętowni

Church of St. Apostles Simon and Jude, built in 1760-65, one of the largest timber-framed churches in the Beskids. Object on the Trail of Wooden Architecture.

GPS: 49°41'49.6"N 19°52'20.1"E  49.697098, 19.872236

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Babia Góra National Park
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Babia Góra National Park Headquarters – Permanent Exhibition, Babia Góra Plants Garden
Budynek BPN

At the Permanent Exhibition visitors can learn about nature, tourist values and cultural heritage. The Babia Góra Plants Garden occupies an area of approximately 11 acres. It is divided into quarters housing nearly 200 plant species.

GPS: 49°36'42.7"N 19°31'05.3"E  49.611850, 19.518145

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Open-Air Museum in Sidzina
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Open-Air Museum in Sidzina – Folk Architecture Museum

A complex of wooden buildings representing the typical architecture of the region (including the historic Banasik's cottage from 1809). Permanent and temporary exhibitions. Object on the Trail of Wooden Architecture.

GPS: 49°37'11.2"N 19°42'05.1"E  49.619764, 19.701417

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Open-Air Museum in Zawoja Markowa
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J. Żak Open-Air Museum in Zawoja Markowa

It currently consists of three residential buildings, a smithy, a free-standing granary with a cellar and a chapel with a statue of the Virgin Mary. The oldest object in the ethnographic museum is Stopiak's chimneyless cottage from the years 1802-1815. Object on the Trail of Wooden Architecture.

GPS: 49°36'26.0"N 19°30'54.1"E  49.607222, 19.515018

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Wooden Toy Centre in Stryszawa
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Beskid Wooden Toy Centre in Stryszawa

It is part of a cultural centre and is situated in a 19th century forester's lodge, which houses a museum of toy-making. The permanent exhibition presents traditional wooden toys, such as horses, rattles, birds, carriages, etc. Creative workshops, educational activities and temporary exhibitions are organised here.

GPS: 49°42'50.1"N 19°31'18.2"E 49.713921, 19.521707

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Mosorny Groń
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Cable car „Mosorny Groń” in Zawoja Policzne
Mosorny Groń

Year-round chairlift with 4-seat chairs to Mosorny Groń (1045 m amsl). The ski slope with a length of 1420 m and denivelation of 336 m has a FIS license. In summer it is used as a downhill cycle track. Nearby there are also other cycling routes (Bike Park, Babia Góra Trails). A beautiful panorama of Babia Góra from the upper station. The view will be greatly enhanced by the newly built (2022) observation tower.

GPS: 49°36'47.9"N 19°33'12.1"E  49.613297, 19.553348 

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Beskidzki Raj
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Obrervation tower „Beskidzki Raj” in Stryszawa
Beskidzki Raj

The tower is 25 m high, of steel construction with wooden finishing. Possibility of viewing the surrounding panoramas, including mountain ranges in the Beskids: Żywiec, Maków, Silesian, Little and Gorce. Situated in the hotel complex. Admission chargeable.

GPS: 49°41'57.8"N 19°33'37.8"E  49.699392, 19.560501

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