CABLE CAR ‘MOSORNY GROŃ’ Powiatsuski 21 February 2022


The ‘Mosorny Groń’ chairlift in Zawoja Policze is an attraction which can be used all year round. In winter, four-seater chairlifts take mainly skiers to the top of Mosorny Groń (1047 m above sea level), and the main downhill slope here, which is 1420 m long and has a denivelation of 336 m, has a FIS licence. In the summer season, you can use the railway to quickly gain altitude and set off on a further hike into the Polica Range. The local mountain bike trails are also very popular.

The upper station of the railway offers a wonderful panorama of the massif of Babia Góra, and the scenic qualities of the peak are further enhanced by the newly built (2022) viewing tower.

Polskie Koleje Linowe – Ośrodek „Mosorny Groń”
34-223 Zawoja 2525
tel. 18 202 03 00 (Polskie Koleje Linowe)

Polish Cable Railways – ‘Mosorny Groń’ Centre

34-223 Zawoja 2525

tel. 18 202 03 00 (Polish Cableway Company)

GPS 49°36’47.9”N 19°33’12.1”E
49.613297, 19.553348


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