MĘDRALOWA Powiatsuski 21 February 2022


Mędralowa (1169 m) is a summit in the Żywiec Beskids, situated in the border ridge on its section between mountains Babia Góra and Pilsko. To the north of the peak, a beautiful mountain pasture descends from which a magnificent panorama of the Żywiec, Silesian, Little and Maków Beskids can be admired.

A few hundred metres east of the peak there is a junction of tourist trails. It is a very interesting place – the northernmost point of the Slovak Republic, and in the past a ‘triangle’ of borders: in the 14th-15th centuries Hungary, Poland and the Duchy of Oświęcim, which was a fief of the Czech Republic at that time, and during World War II – the German Reich, the General Government and Slovakia.

GPS 49°36’49.6”N 19°28’02.9”E
49.613770, 19.467474


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